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Yolo Destinations
Choosing The Right Destination
Choosing the right destination can be overwhelming. Searching the internet for a deal for you and your family can be a bummer. The best thing to do is find a certified Travel Agent. Many travel agents are online these days and easily accessible. Do your homework and choose wisely. It's your money, and your vacation!

Daily Devotion
A Story To Tell
KJB Daily Devotion – Following Jesus Through Every Chapter Date: Saturday, July 30, 2016 Chapters: Isaiah 36-38 Message: A Story To Tell Hello My Friend, There are often two sides to every story, but then there is what really happened. You will often see stories in the Bible that are repetitious, I say stories because each person tells their side of the story for the events that took place during a particular time. There are four people who tell the story of Jesus, and while they differ a little bit by adding another part they remember from their time with Jesus they still line up as being the same. The reason God had so many tell their side of the same story is to prove that these events were real and all line up as one, people like to tell their own story of God, but then there is the truth and it is in His Word. While God no longer writes every story down of every person He uses to tell His truths for all the world to know, He still uses witnesses to tell their story about... (more)

alaidpondo blog
7 Sakramen Gereja Katolik
Apakah itu Sakramen? - Tanda dan Sarana Penyelamatan ALLAH. 7 Sakramen? 1. Pembaptisan 2. Pertobatan 3. Ekaristi 4. Penguatan / Krisma 5. Pengurapan Orang Sakit 6. Perkahwinan 7. Imamat

Welcome to Jaded Humanitaria

... the blog of venting, laughing, ranting and raving thanks to my place of employment, The Charity. If you have ever heard of the Salvation Army (and if you are in the US you probably have), we are quite a bit like them. We assist low income people with things such as fuel for winter, food, clothing, household goods and furniture, electric and utility bills, medical needs, home repairs and Christmas programs, along with a variety of clerical and tax services. Like any other charity, most of those who come through our doors really do need our help, but we do get our share of crazies, drug addicts, system players, and con artists. These are my stories. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.

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